As the ENERGY is the common factor of TECNA’s market, projects related to the biofuel sector and alternative energies have been developed in the last years.


In the bioethanol sector, we are building a plant in Colombia, from sugar cane, with a capacity of 150,000 Tn/year, which also generates 40 electrical MW from bagasse exploitation. In addition, studies of technologies selection have been carried out, investment costs estimates, operation and maintenance and FEED engineering.


In Argentina, we carry on with the design and construction Project of a biodiesel production unit of de 300,000 Tn/year from soy in Santa Fé province.


In Canadá, we have built plants at industrial scale (200 Tn/day) for the biooil production, a competitive fuel with the fuel oil obtained from a low economical value biomass such as sawdust, and applicable to other similar raw materials. Such technology, based on a fast pyrolysis and subsequent cooling, condensation and separation, allows obtaining liquid from thermal properties similar to the fuel oil.


In the biogas exploitation field produced in "rellenos sanitarios", we have participated in assessment studies of the gas production capacity and alternatives of processing and exploitation.


Regarding the so called alternative or non-conventional energies, we have participated in solar energy projects in Spain and in integration studies of aeolian energy in oil fields which have this resource.


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