In PETROBRAS COMPERJ refinery, TECNA will execute the UPGN-ROTA 3 Project for the development of basic and detailed engineering, supply, technology, procurement and construction of two natural gas processing trains with a capacity of 10.5 million m3 /day each.

COMPERJ is one of the leading industrial enterprises in the history of PETROBRAS. The complex, located in the region of Itaboraí, near Rio de Janeiro, occupies an area of 45 km² and to house a refinery producing 165,000 barrels of oil per day to supply the market with a wide range of fuels and hydrocarbons for industrial use.






PETROBRAS has awarded TECNA -in association with leading firms in the Brazilian market- the URE Project of the COMPERJ Refinery. The contract includes the engineering, procurement and construction of gas treatment units with amines, recovery and treatment of sulfur waste gas, ammonia oxidation and auxiliary storage services and electricity.



TOTAL - Incahuasi Project 


TECNA - Incahuasi

The French oil company TOTAL has awarded to TECNA the Incahuasi Project, in Bolivia. The company will develop the first gas processing train of three production wells (Aquio X1001, ICS-X1 and ICS-2), with a nominal capacity of 6.9 MSm3/d. The Incahuasi Field is a north-south oriented structure located along the line of the top of the central mountain range near the town of Camiri in Bolivia. The contract includes detailed engineering, supply, installation, construction, connection, testing, pre-launch and assistance during commissioning of all facilities for Phase I.



TOTAL - Cañadón Alfa Plant  


TECNA - Planta compresora

Medium Pressure Compressor Capacity Replacement - Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. This project includes the tasks of Engineering, Purchasing, Construction, Mounting, Commissioner and assistance to the start-up of a unit of turbocharger of 11.500 kW of power and its auxiliary equipment and interconnections.
In addition, it includes the installation of a new pump for the network of fire of approximately 400 KW of power and its auxiliary equipment and interconnections. 



TECNA first contract in OMAN

This is a high technology project that will assess the potential recovery of LPG in the gas transport system which the company operates OMAN GAS COMPANY.
To TECNA is a strategic project, since this is the first work in Oman, and the opening of oil and gas market in the Middle East, where our company has a clear intention of growth based on their background and experience in these technologies.

Angola: Production facilities for the field in Castanha Cabinda South Block.


The project includes the construction of production facilities Castanho field in onshore Angola, which is a major challenge for TECNA in a new country. 






Caraguatatuba: TECNA's most important project in Brazil

PETROBRAS awarded SCHAHIN the Monteiro Lobato(UTGCA) gas treatment and gasoline stabilization plant adequacy and expansion project in Caraguatatuba city, while TECNA was contracted as the technologist and plant supplier. Complementary SCHAHIN gave the TECNA's contract part, so that TECNA's direct client will be PETROBRAS.


Albacora Offshore Platform

TECNA - Albacora Offshore Platform

TECNA has been contracted in Peru by BPZ for the “Production Water and Associated Gas Re-Injection and Oil Export” project in the Albacora off-shore platform.




Malvinas Extended Basic Engineering

TECNA - Albacora Offshore Platform

TECNA is developing Malvinas Compression Train Interconnection Extended Basic Engineering for SIEMENS NEDERLAND N.V.






Barrancabermeja Refinery Control System Migration

Barrancabermeja Refinery

Control system migration and update in this refinery is progressing. This refinery is the main in the country with a 250,000 bpd total production.





Biodiesel plant for Louis Dreyfus

TECNA - Biodiesel plant Dreyfus

TECNA and ISOLUX will built for Louis Dreyfus a biodiesel processing plant in General Lagos, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, whose raw material is refined soybean oil and it will produce 300,000 tons per year. The scheduled execution time is 12 months.


Start-Up in Colombia

TECNA - Compression Plants in Colombia

On December 19th electromechanical assembly and automation of gas compression stations La Jagua del Pilar, Curumani and San Alberto were completed.




New Project: Kinteroni Field Facilities

TECNA - Kinteroni Field Facilities

In line with TECNA´s market diversification and Latin America consolidation policy, TECNA and ISOLUX will build a bioethanol plant. The plant will be located in Meta, Colombia, and is owned by BIOENERGY, whose main shareholder is ECOPETROL.

ISOLUX CORSÁN and TECNA will build a bioethanol plant


In line with TECNA´s market diversification and Latin America consolidation policy, TECNA and ISOLUX will build a bioethanol plant. The plant will be located in Meta, Colombia, and is owned by BIOENERGY, whose main shareholder is ECOPETROL.


PEMEX - Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)



The sulfur recovery unit construction project at the Ing. Antonio M. Amor Refinery in Salamanca, Guanajuato, which marks TECNA’s entry into the Mexican energy, oil and gas market, is in the detail engineering and critical equipment procurement phase, with the construction phase also underway.


TBG - Capão Bonito Compression Plant


TECNA - Capao Bonito Compression Plant

Successful completion of the assembly and startup of the compression plant project in Capão Bonito. TECNA is currently in the plant operations assistance phase.


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