1974     Engineering & consulting activities begin.
1978     Start up of a new steam generation plant, at the La Plata Refinery, Argentina. Process engineering was carried out by TECNA.
1982     Start up of the RA-6 Atomic Reactor located in Bariloche, in the Argentine Patagonia.
1994     TECNA starts up the Borde Montuoso Plant in Neuquén and the Faro Virgenes Plant in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Both gas plants on a turn key condition.
1998     TECNA opens its offices in Bolivia.
1999     TECNA opens offices in Brazil and Ecuador.
            Loma La Lata Gas Plant becomes the TECNA's first amine
weetening plant.
2000     TECNA starts operations in Peru.
2003     Sábalo Gas Plant, located in Bolivia, is started up. This was the largest plant in which TECNA had participated to that date.
2005     TECNA opens its offices in Venezuela.
2006    TECNA opens its offices in Houston, USA.
2007     TECNA's offices in Spain become the focus of business in Europe,
East and Africa.
2008     TECNA's opens its offices in Mexico.
2009     TECNA opens its offices in Colombia and Saudi Arabia.
2010     TECNA starts operations in Saudi Arabia.
                TECNA lands its first project in Mexico, a sulfur recovery unit
2011     TECNA begins activities in Oman.
            Caraguatatuba TECNA´s most important project up to date
                in Brazil, begins.
2012     First project TECNA in Africa (Angola).
2013     Medium Pressure Compressor Capacity Replacement.
                Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
            TECNA begins its incahuasi project Gas treatment plant in bolivia.
            Two new projects: UPGN Rota 3 e URE in Brazil.
2014     TECNA executes the Umm Wu’al project in Saudi arabia.
            TECNA participates in the main production projects
                shale oil & shale gas in neuquen basin.