Production water and associated gas reinjection and crude export in Albacora off-shore platform


TECNA has been contracted in Peru by BPZ for the “Production Water and Associated Gas Re-Injection and Oil Export” project in the Albacora off-shore platform.


Albacora platform is located in Block Z1-8-A in the Pacific Ocean, about 25 km from the coast in the Tumbes region in northern Peru.

This platform will produce estimated 10,000 crude barrels per day. 8 MMSCFD of associated gas and 1500 production water barrels per day will also be reinjected.

TECNA provision includes basic engineering completion, detail engineering development, all supply procurement (except gas compressor) and construction management of this mayor off shore project.

For Peru, this project is in line with energy resources development plans besides those on-shore already in progress, reaffirming a diversification trend.