Main nuclear projects of TECNA


CAREM 25 Nuclear Power Plant (2016 – Present)

TECNA is the EPC contractor for the turnkey project of the Balance of Plant (BOP) of CAREM 25 NPP, a project of the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) of Argentina. CAREM 25 is a SMR-type nuclear reactor with innovative features which employs passive safety systems. The scope of TECNA includes the supply of engineering, components and equipment, construction, erection and commissioning of the complete secondary and tertiary systems (all BOP buildings, turbine, generator, condenser, cooling water intake, etc.). TECNA is also in charge of the detailed engineering of the nuclear safety related systems inside the Reactor Building. This includes the emergency injection system, the chemical and volume control system, the power supply system for reactivity control mechanisms, the pressure limitation and depressurization system of the reactor vessel, among others.


ATUCHA II Nuclear Power Plant (2008 – 2014)

TECNA has provided engineering services, supervision of mechanical erection and pre-commissioning and commissioning services at the Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant (PHWR, 745 MWe).

The works carried out for Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. (NA-SA) included services for many systems of the nuclear power plant: piping engineering, supports and stress analysis, electrical, process, specialized services for commissioning, etc. In addition, TECNA has performed licensing, safety and core design calculation studies for the plant's Final Safety Assessment Report. TECNA has also provided the air radiation monitoring system, including a fiber optic network, data acquisition and analysis system and alarms. As a result of these works, TECNA has received from NA-SA a certificate to provide engineering services, mechanical erection supervision and commissioning services at the future nuclear power plant projects in Argentina, under quality classes I to IV.


ATUCHA I Nuclear Power Plant (2014 – 2017)

TECNA is involved in the engineering work required for the life extension project of the Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant (PHWR, 357 MWe). TECNA was awarded the third party review of an evaluation of structures, systems and components (41 systems) to be presented by NA-SA to the Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

On the other hand, TECNA developed calculation tools for licensing, safety and core design studies for Atucha I. These works, under the framework of the life extension project, are required to update the chapter XV of the Final Safety Assessment Report, which covers the analysis of accidents and operational transients.


EMBALSE Nuclear Power Plant (2012 – Present)

TECNA has performed the detailed engineering for Ansaldo Nucleare of the Steam Cycle modifications and power uprate, within the framework of the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant (CANDU PHWR, 648 MWe) Life Extension Project. The SMARTPLANT 3D software was used for all the disciplines involved in the project (civil, piping and instrumentation).

In addition, TECNA carried out several engineering works within the framework of the tasks required for the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant Life Extension. A good example is the study of the fatigue behavior of joints in the shutdown cooling system of the plant. For this purpose, TECNA used the methodology of the ASME code section III NB, taking into account the recommendations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the EPRI.


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