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Most of TECNA experience has turned to the oil and gas market, initially in the upstream onshore sector and then has spread to other sectors.


The company started its operations in 1974 providing engineering and consultancy services, development of basic and detailed engineering, special studies and increasing capacity, especially in the natural gas sector.


Precisely the first designed and built plants were dehydration units and dew point plants so as to move on later to sweetening gas plants for H2S and CO2 removal and LPG recovery plants.


Argentina’s experience was expanded to Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and Colombia, where the company carried out important projects in the upstream sector, including a significant quantity of gas compressor stations, such as in fields as in gas pipelines.


In Ecuador and Bolivia we developed integrated projects including design, construction, operation and maintenance, highlighting the confidence of clients in the TECNA’s execution capacities.


Special mention deserves the offshore sector, with the provision of gas and gasoline dehydration units for several FPSO in Brazil, and several works in northern Peru platforms, following a high demand in terms of design and manufacturing.


In parallel important projects in Latin America were carried out in the field of oil and produced water treatment facilities, including surface facilities for gathering, primary separation, oil dehydration, treatment and reinjection of produced water, storage and pumping, and special applications for pollutants removal from oil.


We have also worked in projects related to gas pipelines, gas compressor stations, oil pipelines and pumping stations, providing turnkey plants and special studies, such as non-steady state simulations and heavy oil  applications.


In the downstream market TECNA has performed topping plants for diesel fractionation in Argentina and Ecuador, and has participated in several projects of new units and revamping of existing units at refineries in Argentina, Brazil and Peru, including a sulfur recovery unit in Mexico, currently under construction.


In 2006 TECNA’s activity begins in Spain, covering the markets of Middle East and Northern Africa, where they have already engaged in important projects.


TECNA participates in these markets with the provision of engineering and consulting, modular plants, turnkey plants, automation and control systems and operation & maintenance.


  • Upstream On-shore/Off-shore
Gas Processing

Gathering and primary separation


CO2, SH2 and other contaminants removal

Dew point control

LPG recovery, storage and transport

NGL production, fractionation and storage


Gas pipelines


Oil and water treatment

Gathering and primary separation

Oil dehydration

Water treatment and reinjection

Contaminants removal

Pumping stations

Oil pipelines

  • Downstream

Topping units

Coker unit

Hydrotreating and isomerization units


Sulfur removal

Auxiliary services



Production units

Auxiliary services









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