Project Management 




TECNA project management integrates client’s capabilities with our expertise and profession-alism.


We stand out by our experienced application of integrated management systems by proven procedures and instructives.


EPCm management models are especially applicable when: 

  • The client requires fast track bid document preparation, quotation requests, bid evaluations and awards.
  • Project DEADLINES are critical.
  • The SCOPE is not clearly defined at the begining of the project.
  • Project COST has many uncertainties and contingencies.
  • The project environment is uncertain, dealing with changing economic, environmental, regulatory, climatic or social issues.
  • The client requires a buyout option or the transformation of the project into a regular EPC.


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

Integrated Corporate Management System


Proyect Management Institute (PMI)

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